Attention Mongol Rally Teams!

Our campground marks roughly half-way-point of the most popular Mongol Rally route, which incorporates the famous Silk Road. It is also your last chance to change your mind and turn back, before it’s too late! Once you cross the Turkish/Georgian border, you are in for a serious change of scenery. Say Good Bye to the European part of the journey and Hello to the Asian part! No more nice wide roads with polite drivers. Get ready for more serious driving and you better pay attention. Most roads you will encounter from this point are simple 2-lane roads with no shoulders, often unmarked and unlit. Driving at night is not recommended!

Passing through the tiny country of Georgia is however a good training exercise of what lies ahead. At least road signs here are in English and road police are here to help, not to take bribes. But do watch out for crazy drivers. Speed limits here are not enforced, and double and even triple overtaking is common.

But before you get into Georgia, you have another obstacle to pass: crossing the border from Turkey into Georgia! Sarpi border crossing is very busy, mainly because it handles all the commercial traffic, and is often backed up for hours. Chances are you started in Samsun and will have a full day’s drive before you even get to the border, so you will get here in the evening. The border crossing is open 24 hours. Take it easy, and do not expect to cross the border right away. Typical wait times are 2-4 hours, but it can even take longer sometimes! Get into your place in line, and take the opportunity to rest. By the time you cross the border it will be late, you will be tired and ready to get some sleep.

Lucky you, as our campground is only 30km from the border crossing, and we will be happy to see you at any time day or night. Just give us a heads up on your arrival, and we will be happy to host you at any time. You’ll be glad you did! Peaceful quiet atmosphere, sandy beach and warm sea will assure a good rest and recharge for the next adventure.

We are also equipped to deal with minor auto repairs and will be glad to lend you a helping hand. Go Rally!

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