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мы находимся в 7 км севернее от Кобулети и 4 км южнее от Уреки. Если вы едете со стороны Кобулети или Батуми то поворот на наш кемпинг с главной трассы будет на левой стороне так что ищите нашу вывеску “Black Sea Camping” у поворота на поселок Капровани. Если же вы едете со стороны Уреки, то поверните направо у вывески “Black Sea Camping” на посёлок Капровани.

Black Sea Camping is conveniently located just 0.8 km off main Batumi-Tbilisi highway, 7 km north of Kobuleti, and 1 km south of Ureki.

Click on BlackSeaCamping to see  interactive Google map of the area.

Iphone and Android users click here for GPS location.

Coming from the South (Turkey):

We are located only about 1 hour drive from Turkish border at Sarpi.  Continue through Batumi, stay on the main highway past exits for Kobuleti, start looking for signs, turn left at “Black Sea Camping” sign, drive 800 m toward the beach. Note: if you miss the sign on the freeway, and come to an overpass over the railroad, you’ve gone too far.

Coming from the North (Poti):

We are only a short 15 min drive from the port of Poti. Go south on main freeway along the coast, go past turn-off for Ureki, continue for 3 km, go over the railroad on an overpass, make the first right turn after the overpass (sign “Black SeaCamping”). Continue 800 m to the beach.

Coming from the East (Tbilisi):

Take the main highway toward the coast. Once you get to the coast, turn left (south) toward Kobuleti and Batumi, drive past the turn-off for Ureki, continue straight for 3 km, go over the railroad on an overpass, make the first right turn after the overpass (at the sign “Black Sea Camping”). Continue 800 m to the beach.


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